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God's people are for the most part deficient in faith. Miracles are few and far between. Learn how to receive instructions on how to be healed, how to be financially blessed, deliverance from demon oppression and much more. Each week your faith will soar! You will week by week take the land, possess your possessions and walk in victory!

Learn how to believe God correctly. Learn the hinderances to healing. Learn how to appropriate your faith. Learn why the miracle can reverse. Learn why some get healed and some do not. Learn how demons can be involved with a sickness.

If you are suffering with disease, get here! There is no charge and you do NOT have to join our church. God wants to heal you today. God wants to bless you. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

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Divine Healing

The following is a excerpt from the November 2008 Newsletter   

Healing is more than a promise, it is a statement of fact. When the Bible states that healing is for you because of Jesus' stripes (Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24), it is stating a fact! The fact is, you ARE healed if you believe what He said.

Besides believing what God said, you must act upon it. Act in faith believing. Real faith will demonstrate with action. Find the promises in the Bible, believe them and hold to them with a steadfast belief!

Understand first of all that God wants to give you good things. He is your Father and wants you to be blessed.

Be sure to forgive others when you are done wrong. Forgive quickly, for if you do not you will be giving place to a root of bitterness.
Unforgiveness and bitterness can and will hinder or even stop your miracle. Your healing may be put on hold because of some ill feelings you have toward someone. The one you harm the most with your unforgiveness is YOU! When you forgive, you set a prisoner free. The prisoner is YOU! Free yourself and be healed and blessed! Begin today to pray out loud for your enemies and those that hurt you. This will begin your inner healing and give you the ability to forgive.

The following is a excerpt from the October 2008 Newsletter

Healing for your body is easier than you think! The devil don't want you healed but God does. You my friend are the deciding factor. You are the one who chooses to believe in God or doubt God. You are the one who believe the lies of the devil or rebuke him sharply and claim your rights to healing.

The Lord Jesus Christ is not trying to decide whether to heal you or not. God is not weighing you out to see if you are worthy of divine healing. God wants you healed!

Most people don't understand that healing from God is a decision you make just like salvation is. Your salvation was paid for by the sacrifice of the Lord and your healing was also paid for by His sacrifice.

The devil works against Christians all the time trying to pull them down and cause them to backslide. It is the same with your healing. He will try to pull your faith down and make you doubt God's Word so that your faith will not come to fruition.

You must hold steady, unwavering faith. God does not reward faith that is down today and up tomorrow. Jesus' words were "only believe". So many are rubbing on the oil, drinking the oil, praying loud screaming prayers and yet do not believe! Believe is the key word. Believe is the gos-pill for your sickness. If you can believe, all things are possible to you!

Your healing may come by an instant miracle or it many come as a recovery as Jesus spoke about in Mark Chapter 16. Don't force God's hand for a miracle. If your healing comes the moment prayer is made, great! If it comes with a little waiting, hold on until it manifests. Most miss this simple fact about healing and cast  away their faith because it did not happen the moment prayer was made.

                            MIRACLE MINUTES with Pastor Charles Rhodus


Jeff Arnold raised from the dead 
July 2011! He was dead 10-15 minutes.

Video of Jeff Arnold Testimony. Youtube video

Lee Stoneking Raised from the Dead 
Youtube video 

He was dead about 45 minutes!

Miracle Faith

Jeremiah 8:22
22 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

Balm in Gilead, what is that? God is saying to His people "have not I paid the price for your healing, is there not provision for the healing of that cancer, high blood pressure, cyst, aids, emphysema or anything else that plagues your body? Divine healing is not just for the body but also for the mind and emotions! Jesus is the same healer today as he was 20 years ago and 2,000 years ago. Get on healing grounds, go to where your faith can soar. If you have no faith, you will not receive the healing you need. I have heard some say "I know I believe, so why have am I not healed"? That is the answer, that kind of statement shows why healing did not manifest. Faith must be unwavering, steadfast and sure!

Some years ago I was preaching in Missouri and a number of people stood to testify of their instant healing. A young lady was among them that said she was instantly healed of a jaw problem. Her jaw ached all the time and constantly popped as she moved it. That day she was healed! The pain and popping stopped!

A man at another church testified after we had left town. His testimony was of his arthritis that tormented him with pain and the lack of use in his arms and shoulders. As we were ministering in that service he stood by just absorbing the presence of the Lord and without anyone laying hands on him he was healed! After that he was able to lift his arms above his shoulders without any pain!

It is God's will for you to be healed! God is willing and able to heal anyone that calls upon Him in faith believing. Begging God will not get you healed or delivered. God does not respond to begging. Begging does not eminate from love but from fear. Love and trust causes faith. Your love and trust in Jesus will evolve into faith. When you fully trust Him, then and only then can you believe for a miracle.

God is not making a decision of whom He will heal today. He responds to your faith, that calm assurance that He will bring it to pass. Healing can be as natural and easy as saying a simple prayer. It is not difficult. We as a people have too many doubts, fears and a bunch of other junk that hinders our faith. It is up to us to clean out those things so God can move in our lives!

Yes, Jesus is the mighty healer!
If it be physical, emotional or spiritual, the Lord Jesus Christ still heals!

Sister Nancy, a lady in our church was scheduled for a procedure at the hospital to have fluid drained from around her heart. The top cardiologist in the area was treating her and set this up for a Thursday morning.

The Sunday before she responded to a message I preached "Authority over Demons" and used her mighty weapon that I preached about called worship. At the end of the message she came forward with the rest of the church and from her heart began to worship God.

That Thursday she went in for her procedure and for some reason the doctor ordered another test. The test revealed the fluid around her heart was almost all gone! The doctor said, "You do not need the procedure. Go home".

You and I both know that a last minute test like that is not common. That's miracle number one! Miracle number two is the fluid evidently on Sunday night as she began worshipping began to evaporate!

In the presence of God and faith, your miracle can be realized! Is your problem to big for God? Is your condition to far gone?

An anointed preacher I know gave a prayer cloth to a woman for her relative. It was for a lady dying with cancer. The hospital room permeated with death. The machines, tubes and all show she had only hours or days to live. She was skin and bones.

The prayer cloth was laid on her body and the dying woman jumped from her bed and began speaking with tongues, shouted all over the room and was instantly and totally healed by the power of God!

Hold to His promise. The Bible is His word, His promise to you. His promise being fulfilled in your life is predicated on you having unwavering faith. Hold on and watch God perform the impossible!

Is anything to hard for God?


Miracles Only God Can Do...


Healing For The Body
  • Healing For The Emotions
  • Healing For Family Problems
  • Financial Blessings
  • Deliverance From Alcoholism
  • Deliverance From Drug Addiction
  • Deliverance From Nicotine addiction
  • Deliverance From Sexual Perversion
  • Miracles That Change The Course of Nature
  • Raising of The Dead
  • Any Other Miracle You Can Believe For


Fibroid Tumor Instantly Healed November 4th 2007

After the exam and tests were completed my wife was diagnosed as having a fibroid tumor in the uterus. We have in writing the test results that give the size of the tumor as 1.5 x 1.0 cm. 

My wife, Tammy is not one to be afraid of doctors or minor procedures. The doctor recommended a D&C to remove the tumor. For several months she had been having different symptoms of which she was getting tired of. Having a fibroid tumor removed we know is a very common procedure.

After her diagnosis I felt led to have a healing and miracle service for those that needed a healing in their body. In planning for this service I did not do it for the benefit of my wife. Actually I did not even consider the fact that she needed a miracle in her body. I planned it to build faith in our new group of believers and to teach them the truth about healing.

The healing service came, I preached, we prayed as a number of people stood at their seats including Tammy for their miracle. Different ones testified of instant healings they felt in their body. Sheila was one that testified of the pain in her knees and legs from the arthritis because of an auto accident years earlier. She shouted and ran in place for the miracle in her knees. The severe pain she had for the last week had gone! Tom’s testimony was of a toothache he had for two weeks that disappeared during the preaching and had not returned.

The following day Tammy went in for the D&C. Over an hour went by and finally the doctor came into the waiting room where I was. She said everything went well but did not say anything about the tumor. I asked “what about the fibroid tumor?” The doctor said “there was none”. I was a little confused. I said “Tammy said there was a tumor” She said “No, there was no tumor”. I was still confused. I went in to where Tammy was and relayed that story to her and she began to cry. She reiterated the details of the tumor and I realized that God had actually done the miracle we prayed for.

I am very careful about how I say things. I want to be accurate and honest. After getting home we dug out the original tests results regarding the fibroid tumor. Of course our excitement rose. Yes, God still heals tumors. Miracles are only a prayer away. If you can believe, all things are possible to you! Be careful what you pray for because if you believe, it will come to pass!

Pastor Charles A. Rhodus

The following testimonies were given to me or in my presence. I hope that they will be encouragement to you. To God be all the glory and praise for the miracles and healings that alone he can do!

Stage Three Renal Disease Healed After Stroke

On Sunday morning Linda was hospitalized for a stroke. Two months ago she was diagnosed with stage three renal disease.

With the stroke she had bleeding on the brain. After one week she had an MRI while in Rush hospital in Chicago. After the MRI she did not awake for three days. It looked as if we would lose her. She was a real mess! Through this, prayer was being made. The doctors wanted to do brain surgery to relieve the pressure from the bleeding but she refused it. One evening we left the hospital and the nurse had told us that she would need to go to a rehab center for a month before going home.

Two days after she wakes up she is SENT HOME! Today she was in church worshiping and praising God! The doctor at the hospital told her that she had NO kidney disease! The blood on the brain was absorbed by the body and the surgery was not needed! To look at her you would not know she had even been sick!

The doctors and nurses are amazed!

Physical Lump Reduces to nothing in one week

Sherry came forward for prayer and said that she had an actual physical lump in her throat! She was very nervous about this. We prayed and asked Shauntrice who was also healed recently with a polyp on her vocal cords to help us pray. After prayer was made Sherry said to me that the lump was smaller! That next Sunday she testified that the lump now was gone!

Polyp Disappears After Prayer

Shauntrice is a music teacher in a public school and has a great singing voice! She is having problems with her voice so she arranges a doctor's appointment to see if it is anything serious, She is told she has a polyp on her vocal cords and the only thing that can be done is surgery!

On Sunday she comes up for prayer and within an hour she feels a major difference in how she feels and her ability to speak! She has another doctor's appointment that week and she is told that the polyp is GONE!

Cardiologist says, "go home, the procedure is not needed".

Nancy gets the test results back that she needs fluid from around her heart removed in an outpatient procedure. For a couple monthes she is quite nervous about the procedure as anyone would be.

On Sunday in church Nancy listens to the sermon entitiled "Authority Over Demons" and learns of her mighty weapons she has in Christ, one of which being praise and worship. At the end of the message she as others begin to worship and dance before the Lord.

The Thursday following she goes in for the procedure to have the fluid drained from around her heart. The doctor asks for a last minute test for some strange reason. The test results come back and the cardiologist says "Nancy you can go home, there is hardly any fluid around your heart and the procedure is not necessary!"

The first miracle is that a doctor ordered a last minute test! The second miracle is that the fluid around her heart began to evaporate the Sunday before as she used her mighty weapon of worship!

The Ugly Head of Cancer Crushed! 

I received a phone call from a man in the state of Wisconsin. He asked if I would come there to pray for his sister. The sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given six months to live. What made it worse was that she was a backslider. She had not been to church in several years and was very cold in her soul.
Physical Lump Reduces to nothing in one weekPolyp Disappears After PrayerCardiologist says, "go home, the procedure is not needed".

At this point in her state of cancer she had not had any medicine, chemotherapy or anything else medically to give her hope. 

I drove several hours to see her and her brother. I had never met her before but did know him quite well. After a little small talk we began to pray. It seemed that the Lord really moved in the prayer even to the point she began speaking in tongues. I asked her how long had it been since she spoke in tongues. She replied “years”. 

Months went by and I spoke to her brother on the phone and he said that she was not having any problems with the cancer and that she was healed! 

I spoke to him several years after this and he said I want you to know that my sister has had no operation, medicine or anything else and there is no sign of cancer! She was healed and is still healed! 

Her prognosis was basically a sentence of death but God said “no”, she does not have to die! Jesus the faith healer performed the miracle!

Tooth Ache Stops

A man comes to the front for prayer for a five day old tooth ache. He testifies of an instant healing by prayer. Days later he is still healed! God can do anything!

Instant Miracle of Migraine Headache

I was preaching in the state of Virginia and a young lady (Pastor’s daughter) stood with others while we prayed a mass prayer for healing. I asked all standing to place there hand on their body where the pain was.

After the prayer the young lady with tears streaming down her face stood again to testify. She said “I came in here with a migraine headache that I have had for two days. As we prayed the headache left and I am healed!”

Healed of Popping And Pain in Jaw 

After preaching on a Sunday morning on faith and healing. Afterwards we prayed a mass prayer with people standing all over the auditorium. We prayed the prayer of faith and many stood to testify of their instantaneous healing. A young woman over on the side to my right stood to testify. She said “for months I have had a problem with my jaw. It is in constant pain and it pops whenever I move it. Look here I can move my jaw and it does not pop and the pain is gone! God has healed my jaw!”

Cyst Instantly Disappears 

A woman comes up for prayer for a cyst located on her foot between her toes. She said the doctor wants to do surgery to remove it. After prayer she returns to her seat between the first and second row. She removes her shoe to look at the cyst. All of a sudden she begins to shout and praise God there at her seat.  


I still at the pulpit with the microphone asked for her attention and to what she was shouting about. She said she pulled off her shoe to look at the cyst and it was gone! It had disappeared. God performed an instantaneous miracle!

Female Trouble Healed

While preaching to a small group on the subject of faith and healing. Unknown to me there was a woman in the service with a female problem. The testimony came back weeks later that she was instantly healed during the service while I walked by her. No oil, no prayer. She in this service exercised what we call miracle haith. Yes, according to your faith you can also be healed and delivered!

Fractured Foot Healed

After preaching on healing and faith, several stood at there seats as we prayed a mass prayer. The testimony came back weeks later that there was a lady there that did not stand for prayer. This woman received a Divine  healing of a fractured foot. She needed an operation according to her doctor but God beat her to it! She was healed by the spoken word according to her faith.

Miracle of Arthritis

A man stood a few feet away from us while we were praying for others and their needs. This man testified weeks later of being healed of arthritis in his shoulders and arms. The arthritis was so bad he could not lift his hands above his head. Since that service he is healed and can lift his hands normally!

Migraine Headaches Healed

A woman came up for prayer after I taught on the Gifts of the Spirit. She came to be healed of migraine headaches. Two weeks later she testified that since that time she had not had a migraine. She had been having them for about two years at one or two per week. Five years after the fact I heard her testify that she was still healed and not having any headaches!

Arthritis Healed

A woman of senior age stood at her seat as we prayed a mass prayer. About two weeks later she stood and testified how that for over a year she had severe pains constantly in her back. A doctor’s exam about month prior to this healing service revealed she had “severe spinal arthritis”. 

Her testimony was, that since that service she had not had any back pain and was healed instantly! I saw this lady again about three years after this healing and asked how she was. She replied that she was still healed and not having any back pain! This senior citizen definitely believes in Divine healing!

Healed Instantly of Shingles

An elderly man came for prayer in our revival service and was healed of shingles. He testified days later of still being healed! No more symptoms, healed by the power of God!

Cigarette Demon Defeated

After preaching I began praying for a man at the end of a church service. I did not know the man but he received the
Holy Ghost with tongues. He had seemingly a great experience with the Lord that night.

I saw this man about two years later at another church where I was preaching and he began to testify to me of his deliverance two years prior. He referred to the night I prayed for him and him receiving the Holy Ghost. He said until that time he had been smoking a couple packs per day for about 30 years. He praised and thanked God for a great deliverance. Since that night two years prior he had not smoked another cigarette! God had instantly delivered him by his mighty power! Miracle faith was released by him and he realized his deliverance!

Many are calling for prayer. We ask that you join us on a daily basis. If you can support this ministry of healing with a one time gift or become a monthly partner with us we would greatly appreciate it!

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Demonic Influence

Demon possession is real. A lot of it is covered up by prescription drugs. Demons are a lot more intelligent than they were in Bible times. We read about men falling in fires, writhing on the ground like snakes and a lot more but today demons have become very sophisticated in this modern world. Men become cannibals and for years are not detected. Men murder by the dozens and are not found out for decades. White collar crimes possess some people. Demons manifest themselves in many ways. Some sickness is derived directly from demons.

You can be tormented as a Christian and not be possessed by that demon. When one is possessed by a demon he is controlled by that spirit. He has lost normal self control. In some areas of his life he may be normal but when the demon wants to manifest himself through his personality that person changes. He becomes another man. His normal self has transformed into something evil.

There are different levels of possession, oppression and depression. It is a deep subject and I don't mean to startle you. It is a very important subject and we should not be ignorant of our enemy, the devil!

You no doubt are troubles by evil spirits! You most likely are not possessed but may be under depression or oppression. Deliverance is not far away. You may feel no physical sign of deliverance but realize that the anxiety is gone or maybe the fear is no longer there. Most people are depressed. Depression even in the lightest form is from the enemy. If you are depressed that does not mean you are taken over by demons. The strongest Christians sometimes become depressed. Regardless of how strong or light the depression is, you do not have to continue that way. A legitimate depression may be when a loved one passes. But to stay in a deep depression for the rest of your life is not the will of God. The devil can take those situations in our life, jump on them and compound the problem. His goal is to take you down!

The devil is no match for Jesus! Satan is only a fallen angel but Jesus is God! Satan the fallen angel was created by God. He was a worshipper of God but was cast out of Heaven for his rebellion against God. So now the devil wants to trouble you and I to get back at God, for we are God's creation. The devil hates everything that God loves, including you and I.

You can get rid of any evil spirit that may torment you. With authority in your voice and faith in God you can say something like "devil, I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ and command you to leave me now!" The Bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you! So, do it!!!

Don't fear what I have written or fear the devil. You and Jesus are a majority!

The following is a excerpt from the August 2008 Newsletter

Why die before your time? Why suffer when others are being healed? Is healing being preached where you go to church? If not, you had better find out! Maybe you already know. If you are in the desert you cannot get a drink unless you get to where the water is. If you want to fly your kite, you must get to where the wind is blowing! If you want to get healed, you had better get to where it is flowing, and I guarantee you that it is not flowing where it is not being taught!

Are you troubled by things that you don't understand? Are you bombarded in your mind by certain negative thought patterns? Are you tempted in certain areas beyond what you feel is reasonable? It could be that you are under a direct attack of a demon. Demons will take advantage of you in many ways and in various areas of your life.

It seems there is a pill for everything. A pill for the body, a pill for the mind. If the Bible is true then we are under an attack! A pill cannot send the devil away. A pill may numb your brain and send you to lala land but it will not drive out the devil.

Many of the physical ailments we face today I believe are evil spirits attacking our bodies. Regardless if it is physical or emotional, the devil can be rebuked by you through the name of JESUS! Sometimes all you need to do is just identify the problem and put the blame where it needs to be, much of the time on the devil.  Give a him a hard rebuke and resist him and he will flee from you! To flee means to run in terror! The devil is no match for the name of JESUS.

If you have been ignoring the devil, your problems and sickness, just hoping it will all go away, I can probably guarantee that things are getting worse instead of better. It is time to stand up for your rights and tell the devil how bad he is, where he is going and cast him OUT!!! Yes, cast him OUT!!! Use that mighty name of Jesus, there is no name like it. The devil is scared to death of that name. Jesus is the name above every name and Satan is no match for it!

Don't quit until you see a change and don't quit then. You can bind the devil and loose the angels to work on your behalf. Through the name of Jesus you can have victory over anything. If it be constant headaches, temptations, family problems or anything else you can through Jesus name overcome!

Jobs found after prayer

Since we have been in our current location in Hammond June 2010, we have seen several receive jobs through prayer.

1. Joh'te finds a job driving a bus

2. Robert finds a job doing telemarketing

3. Debra is hired at Wal-Mart

4. Stephon gets hired at McDonald's

As of 11/18/11

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